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At Primary Pharmaceuticals, we know that if you are looking for hard-to-find or out-of-stock

pharmaceuticals, you need your order quickly and correctly filled. That's why we focus on

providing reliable products in a timely manner. By delivering exactly what you ordered, exactly

when you need it, we enable you to keep your focus where it belongs--on your patients.



Our active inventory and access to over 25,000 healthcare products helps us meet your daily

needs, even in times of interrupted availability, like backorders and shortages. Here are some of

the ways you can count on us for a steady supply of specialty pharmaceuticals.

Licensing &


Nobody's restrictions are

more stringent than our



You're there for your

patients. We're here for



In addition to delivering pharmaceuticals and ostomy supplies, we provide our customers with

something else just as valuable--extensive market research. We'll make sure you're prepared for

any potential disruptions in product availability well before your patients need those products.


We're 100% committed to the safety and security of the nation's pharmaceutical supply chain.

We purchase only branded and generic pharmaceuticals directly from respected, licensed and

accredited pharmaceutical distributors.


First, we keep high inventories on hand to ensure your product is ready when you need it. We

then deliver your order just in time by the most reliable delivery services in the industry.

For you, this means no more stockpiling or keeping large inventories onsite.

Just order when you need it. Our logistics department will process your

order the same day, and even deliver the same day within a 50-mile radius

of our Ocean Springs, Mississippi distribution center.


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